Crocodile adventure down under


There are a lot of animals down under that can kill you! None more terrifying than the crocodile! We visited Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures, which is 40 kilometres north of Cairns or 25 kilometres south of Port Douglas. We came up close and personal to many crocodiles, it was equally terrifying and amazing!! It certainly was … Continue reading Crocodile adventure down under

How to Take Better Care of Myself

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Motherhood is amazing, fun, lonely, stressful, bursting with love and frustration! There are so many competing demands - after school activities, play dates, homework, screen time, diet, friendships, dental hygiene, grades, social skills, sun & water safety, fitness... and the list goes on! How do I take better care of myself when I have so … Continue reading How to Take Better Care of Myself

Moments in motherhood out of the blue

There are moments in motherhood that take my breath away. They are usually out of the blue and knock me for six. It might be a glimpse of them, when they don't know I can see them. Then it dawns on me how much they have grown. It could be something they say or do … Continue reading Moments in motherhood out of the blue