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How to be a happy mum

Happy mum equals happy kids, but how can we be that happy mum? We want to give the best part of ourselves to our kids. However, when you are knee deep in laundry, dirty dishes and a never ending list of chores, it can get you down. The trick is not letting yourself get down […]

Fear of failing and how to overcome it

How do you overcome the fear of failing? For instance, I build up hundreds of obstacles in my head – no one is reading my blog, what’s the point, I’m no good at it, no one sees it, I’m wasting time, I’ll never get anywhere with it. I read articles that tell me you can’t […]

Spark Joy!

Marie Kondo believes that we should only have possessions in our home that spark joy for us. I have found this to be the most interesting part of implementing the KonMari method. Read about KonMari here! No no For instance, I had held on to scratchy jumpers, tops that I never wore, shoes that hurt […]

Keep your house clean all the time!

Share the 💞💞💞 Keep your house clean all the time! The struggle is real, my friends! I had always wanted to know how I could keep my house clean. No matter how often I cleaned and tidied, I struggled to find things at home and there would always be miscellaneous clutter to put away. All […]

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