Fear of failing and how to overcome it

How do you overcome the fear of failing? For instance, I build up hundreds of obstacles in my head - no one is reading my blog, what’s the point, I’m no good at it, no one sees it, I’m wasting time, I’ll never get anywhere with it. I read articles that tell me you can’t … Continue reading Fear of failing and how to overcome it

9/11 memorial New York

9/11 memorial: an abyss of grief and loss We recently visited New York travelling all the way from Sydney, Australia. We felt like fish out of water! New Yorkers would tell me they loved my accent and some even wished they lived in Sydney. Visiting the 9/11 Memorial in New York took my breath away, … Continue reading 9/11 memorial New York

How to Take Better Care of Myself

Fill your bucket

Motherhood is amazing, fun, lonely, stressful, bursting with love and frustration! There are so many competing demands - after school activities, play dates, homework, screen time, diet, friendships, dental hygiene, grades, social skills, sun & water safety, fitness... and the list goes on! How do I take better care of myself when I have so … Continue reading How to Take Better Care of Myself