GG’s Coronavirus lockdown diary


Dear diary,

I have to stay at home, but I’m not sure why. Mum and dad said it is because of the Coronavirus. But I’m not sick?! Mum is acting very strange. She is either cleaning something, reading something or she is trying to find out where she can buy toilet paper or meat for dinner! She makes us wash our hands one hundred times a day and she is even wearing a mask when she goes to the pharmacy 😷???????!!!!!! How is this even happening????

It was very warm today, so we were lucky enough to have a swim in the pool. We walked the dog as well, but I long to go to the shops! To have lunch in the food court and have a look around. To think I used to complain when mum said “let’s go shopping kids!” 😂🤪

I can’t even go and visit nanny! This is just ridiculous! Mum said that older people are more likely to catch it and we need to stay away to keep them safe. I hope nanny and grandpops know how much we miss them. Lucky we can FaceTime or Skype, it feels like they are right there with us. It was my cousin’s birthday yesterday. We would usually get together to celebrate, but it will be postponed. We got to wish him happy birthday 🥳 on the phone.

Pro – no rushing anywhere

Con – not going anywhere!

Catch you later – GG

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