Sewing threads that we cannot see


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Today we brought home a new addition to our family. She smells divine and is such a joy!

I was the same age when I got a cabbage patch doll for Christmas. I was beyond excited!! My daughter marvelled at Leslie’s belly button and beautiful hair. It took me straight back to my own childhood. I loved that doll so much and now here I was, with my very own daughter with her cabbage patch doll! Where does the time go?

Cabbage patch doll
Leslie, our cabbage patch doll
Cabbage patch doll
My brother and I with my cabbage patch doll

It got me thinking, we sew threads of ourselves into our kid’s hearts and minds every day. Some of these threads are part of an even larger tapestry. Several generations working on this beautiful, rich and colourful artwork. Our values and beliefs are threads which travel across generations.

Sewing can be tiring, cumbersome work but the result can be breathtaking. Many, many hours can go into the creation of a tapestry – much like motherhood. The journey is almost as important as the end result!

My beautiful grandmere, who is 98, lives for children. She adores them. She has taught me many important lessons which I pass on to my children. The daily grind of motherhood takes away from the important jobs we are doing! Adding to a family, joining different cultures, teaching important lessons and values. I wonder how much of this is said and how much is learned from watching us?

My husband has already said that we are keeping Leslie for the grandkids! While that is a long time away, I’d love for the magic of this doll to continue and light up the faces of the next generation. There are so many things that we discover once we become parents ourselves. Our memories from our childhood can take on even deeper meanings, as we realise the sacrifice and hard work our parents endured.

What part of your childhood do you get to relive with your children? What threads are you sewing in your beautiful tapestry? Are they an extension of the threads sewn by previous generations?

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25 thoughts on “Sewing threads that we cannot see

  1. I love just sharing all the things that I did as a child with my children. It’s so much fun to relive things with them and feel like I’m back in my childhood again.

  2. Aww.. what a heart-warming reflection! This is so true for every aspect of life actually, all the materials we collect (even food) are so cumbersome and laborious to create! Loved this beautiful post 🙂

  3. We do not have children (unless you count 4 dogs, 3 cats, and a rabbit as children) but I do still have my cabbage patch gymnast doll from growing up in which someday if we have a little girl, it will become hers and hopeful for these same heartfelt memories.

  4. That was a wonderful post, makes you pause and reflect. I have to go back to my house and rummage and find my old toys, I suddenly feel so nostalgic for them.

  5. I have kids but when i read the part where ” she has taught me many important lessons which I pass on to my children.” I still remember what ever my grand mom taught me too. i really miss her. we should pass to our kids and should share wonderful memories we had

    1. Yes, I agree – I think we sometimes do it without even realising that we are doing it. I’m sure something that your grand mom taught you, you do with your kids? I tell my kids how difficult life was for my grander (she’s almost 99) and grew up without all of the modern luxuries that we take for granted.

    1. I wish we had kept my childhood cabbage patch doll. I only have the photo of me with it, which my daughter found very funny! I have one Koala bear that I kept from my childhood. Do you have any toys that you kept? I’m making sure I keep some of my kids toys for their kids!

  6. This is such a beautiful post.. reminded me of my granny she would knit us sweaters every winter. We still have them, her great grand children wore them too. I wish I knew how to knit too.

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