End of school year 2019! We’re almost there!


It’s that time of year again! Seriously, is it really? Where did this year go? I say that every year, but this has been the fastest year ever. Somehow we have almost made it through to the end of the school year of 2019.

Many of us will be living on a prayer – wrangling exhausted kids, attending school concerts, dance concerts, awards nights ETC ETC!!!!!! Why are so many things crammed in right at the end of the year?!!! And who is doing the laundry and keeping the house clean while all of this happens?!

Feeling burnt out?

It’s normal to feel burnt out at this time of year. There is so much on, so many things to remember. The to do list keeps growing and anxiety builds. The finish line is approaching – you can see it ahead! There has to be a sleep in somewhere in the distance? Or at the very least some take away! Check out my 2019 Christmas Survival Guide.

That feeling of leaving school and not coming back until next year! Equally joyous and terrifying! The teachers hand us back our kidlets and they get a well deserved break. It’s finally here – the end of the school year 2019!

Highlights for the end of school year 2019

Don’t get caught up in your Facebook or Instagram feed, down in the dumps. because it seems that everyone else’s kids are getting awards left right and centre. Enjoy your child’s achievements, whatever they may be. They have grown and changed this year.

What does success really mean to you? Think back over the year and remember your families highlights. What were their personal bests? It’s a long journey this parenting gig and it changes all of the time!

Give yourself a pat on the back

Let’s face it, no one else will!!! Think of all the lunches we’ve packed and the uniforms we have washed. The missing sock and sport uniform that needed to be found. The last minute trip to officeworks to buy cardboard for an assignment or buy something your child neglected to mention for a week! The homework that got done and the endless worry that we have forgotten something!

Enjoy those first few days of holidays, whenever that makes an appearance for you. Take it easy at least for one day! You deserve it mumma’s!

Happy Holidays!

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6 thoughts on “End of school year 2019! We’re almost there!

  1. I know people that say they miss school days. As a 26 year old adult, I can confirm that I neither miss school nor college. Adult life is a LOT better than slogging through meaningless classes and zombie teachers! Cheers to you for completing another year.

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