Christmas Survival Tips

Christmas survival 2019

Halloween has come and gone, which means one thing – Christmas is just around the corner. Whether you are ready or not, been good or bad, there are presents to buy, pantries to stock, plans to make and wine to drink! Is it possible to be ready for battle with the best tips and a kick ass attitude to not just get through Christmas, but for 2019 to smash it out of the park? Here are my 2019 Christmas Survival Tips!

Shop online

The easiest way to take the stress out of Christmas is to shop online. From your grocery shop to Christmas gifts, order online and either get it delivered or click and collect. Take advantage of the upcoming Black Friday (Friday 29th November) and Cyber Monday sales to do your Christmas shopping! Retailers such as Catch, JB Hi-Fi, Good Guys, Sephora, Amazon, Kogan & Bonds have great Black Friday sales. Check out other Australian retailers here. Stay tuned for more Black Friday sales info!!

Make your list and check it twice

2019 Christmas Survival starts and ends with your Christmas list! Take my top tip and start your list early and take it wherever you go! Tick off those purchased gifts and wrap them as you buy them. This will save you tonnes of stress on Christmas Eve. Download my Christmas List to give yourself a head start!

Christmas list 2019
Christmas list

Get the presents out of the way early

Don’t let the last few gifts linger on, get them all out of the way! Some years I have found that I started off really well, then proceeded to leave the rest of my Christmas gift shopping to the last minute. When you have kids or are entertaining at your place, this is a recipe for disaster. Tackle the gifts first!

Christmas Menu

Christmas Survival 2019

Hosting Christmas at your place can be daunting! I find that planning the menu ahead of time and making the shopping list, eases the stress.

An Aussie Christmas Menu


Brushetta and antipasto platters are easy to prepare and are a crowd pleaser. Combined with a champagne cocktail or punch, and everyone will be in a very festive mood!! Other ideas could be a selection of seafood before the main meal or a hearty salad chock full of buffalo mozzarella, smoked ham, cos lettuce and tomatoes. Yum!!!


Baked ham and turkey are always on the menu here. Sometimes we have done a BBQ and added fresh seafood such as prawns and crab. Salads and roast vegetables are added to the menu as well.


I always serve a Pavlova, Christmas pudding with Custard, Ice cream and Gingerbread cookies. I bake the pavlova and gingerbread ahead of time. The pavlova is topped with cream and delicious berries. For our dairy free guests, the pavlova omits the cream but has a berry coulis and berries. Another idea is an ice cream cake, I love Gelato Messina’s ice cream cakes especially the bombe Alaska!

Prep ahead of time

2019 Christmas Survival really comes down to being ahead of the game, organised and prepping whatever you can ahead of time! Have your recipes, menu, lists ready to go! Attack Christmas 2019 head on and you will find that it will be one of the easiest and most enjoyable Christmases you have ever had!!

Eat, drink and be Merry!

When you feel overwhelmed, remember that you are planning Christmas 2019 for your loved ones. They don’t care if the turkey is overcooked, you forgot the sauce or that the decorations are non-existent! They want to spend time with you, make it as easy as you can for yourself so that you can soak up your family and friends and enjoy the holidays!

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4 thoughts on “Christmas Survival Tips

  1. Those are some great tips here. I definetly started good this year by buying the presents in advanced and then stopped haha. Will buy the rest this week! And to wrap them right away is a great advice. Thank you 🙂

    1. How did you go with the rest of your present buying? Merry Christmas! It’s always worth all of the hard work in the end! But it always astonishes me how long it takes to buy all the gifts and how quickly they are opened! 😂😂

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