Crocodile adventure down under

There are a lot of animals down under that can kill you! None more terrifying than the crocodile! We visited Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures, which is 40 kilometres north of Cairns or 25 kilometres south of Port Douglas. We came up close and personal to many crocodiles, it was equally terrifying and amazing!! It certainly was an unforgettable crocodile adventure down under!

Crocodile adventures

I must admit that this was a 5 ⭐️ experience! If you ever come to Cairns or Port Douglas, I highly recommend that you drop in. We were in a group of 16, ranging from ages 7 to 81, everyone in our group loved it. We weren’t sure what to expect but I have never seen crocodiles 🐊 that close!!! They were every where! No doubt I will dream about crocs tonight!

Crocodile feeding time adventure

Call me Crocodile Dundee 😂🤣 Not!!

Want some crocodile facts? Head over here to National Geographic. We were lucky enough to watch feeding time. The power of their jaw is unbelievable. Crocodiles surface out of nowhere to surprise their prey, then swiftly snap them up. There is also a lagoon cruise that takes you amongst the large crocodiles in their environment.

Adventure doesn’t stop at crocodiles!

If you have had your fill of crocs, there are Koala’s, kangaroos and casuaries to see as well. Spiders, deadly snakes, Komodo dragons, alligator & birds are also there as well!

You can also take your picture with a koala, snake or baby crocodile as a souvenir! Hope you can have a crocodile adventure of your own, join me down under 😀.

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