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Happy mum equals happy kids, but how can we be that happy mum? We want to give the best part of ourselves to our kids. However, when you are knee deep in laundry, dirty dishes and a never ending list of chores, it can get you down. The trick is not letting yourself get down for long. Pull yourself out of the dumps with these tips and you will find it easier to be a happy mum.

Be happy knowing you mean the world to your kids

Whether you are in the middle of handling a tantrum, trying to find that lost pair of shoes or thinking about what to cook for dinner again – it is easy to forget what we are doing it all for. Being their mum means the world to our kids. Our kids love us and they are the reason we do everything we do! Have a look at your photos in your phone and hold on to that love 💖 to keep you motivated and happy. Spend time cuddling with your kids reading a book or watching a favourite television show and soak up those loving feelings.

Invite your mum friends over!

Need to rant about your kids not listening to you, or your partner either!! Invite your mum gang and let your hair down. Whether it is coffee or something stronger, you are guaranteed to feel better talking to people who are going through the same things as you. Rant away!!

Dose up on caffeine and get organised

I cannot get by without coffee ☕️ The kids know to leave me alone until I have had that first cup in the morning! Once I’m caffeinated, I feel like I can conquer the world 🌍 Make a to do list and start with the most urgent tasks first. Tick them off and celebrate your achievements!! If you know what you need to do and have a plan, you will feel happy once you have completed it all. Then you can have a rest – for five minutes anyway until you have to start dinner!

Mum Happiness = Not sweating the small stuff

Mismatched socks, running late to a birthday party, forgot to send that note back to school? Don’t worry! We’ve all done it! There’s always tomorrow. Unfortunately we aren’t perfect and there are way too many things to remember. Little things don’t matter!!

Create a happy mum zone you can escape to

What is your favourite thing to do to recharge? Create a haven in your home that you can relax in, even it’s for 5 minutes. I love to read so I created a reading nook. Find out more about why I did that here. Recharging your batteries will fuel your motivation to get things done.

Be a happy mum - create a special space just for you
Be a happy mum – create a space just for you

Be a happy mum by caring for yourself

Be a happy mum by taking care of yourself

We have all heard of the saying make sure your cup isn’t empty, filling our cup regularly means that we are happier mums for our family and for ourselves. It’s very easy for mums to push their needs last. However, this will eventually catch up with us in the long run and a Mum running on empty is not a happy Mum. Check out my top tips for mum’s to look after themselves here.

Imperfection makes Mum happy

These days expectations on mum’s can be very high. Social media can give us unrealistic and skewed views of motherhood and raising children. Enjoy these images for what they are. For instance, behind every photo is 20 photos that didn’t work out. The mess is hidden, they have spent an insane amount of money on the party, and this will help to realise that your version is OK too. In fact it is more that OK, it is wonderful. To read more about embracing imperfection, please click here.

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41 thoughts on “How to be a happy mum

  1. It’s funny you mention coffee because I’m sitting here drinking cold coffee as I read this. LOL! It’s cold because I had to get up and give my son a breathing treatment to help control his asthma so he can finally return to school today, so I appreciate your reminder for self care.

  2. I love the concept of embracing imperfection! These are all great reminders that we need to stop comparing and focus on the little ones in our lives who think we are the best thing since sliced bread 😉 <3

  3. Every Mom have its own ways and rules and doesn’t necessary that you follow other Moms rules especially on how they manage the households and kids. You are the Queen of your own (house) realm, do everything that makes you happy!

  4. having your own zone is definitely a great idea! I wish I had one and I don’t even have kids LOL just two wild dogs and a hubby!

  5. I’m just learning now that if I don’t look out for myself and my family only suffers. Thanks for this great read

  6. I’m not a mom yet but these tips are just so helpful! Mum life is how one makes it so following these tips can definitely help in reducing the stress a mom goes through.

  7. “Not sweating the small stuff” is important advice, especially coming for a teacher. I have moms who fret about every little thing about their 3 year old son and daughter. And, I am like, don’t worry, they are ready when they can be.

  8. I am a Mum of two, one is young adult and a teen. Happiness to me nowadays is as simple as knowing they are safe. I always worry for their safety.

  9. these are all encouraging, esp ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’. I also would like to try having a mum zone. Once you become a mum, pretty much your kids are everywhere even the bathroom. lol.

    1. Yes!! Make a space for yourself. I highly recommend it. I’ll have to post my little set up. It’s an oasis for me. When the kids go to bed or I am at home on my own I can go there and focus on what I want to do. I seem to have a clearer head there! I don’t think about all the chores I need to do!! Hope to see you around here 😊🌟💕

  10. Great post! Being a mom often means forgetting to take care of yourself. It is important for women to know that there is nothing wrong in taking some time for themselves.

    1. Hello! It took me awhile to get used to looking after me and not feeling guilty for doing it. I always felt like there was something I was supposed to be doing. I would also go weeks at a time and not do a thing for myself and then feel miserable. It takes a conscious effort to make sure it happens 😊 thanks for commenting and hope to see you around here more 👍💖

  11. Some great suggestions here. I agree with them all, especially having your own space that’s just yours, and reflects a little of your personality and character, and not sweating the small stuff. As a single mum of 5 and a blogger it’s incredibly hard to find balance if your stressing over everything that needs to be done, because it’s never all done!

    1. Thank you!! Since making my own space, I have felt so much happier. I calm right down as soon as I’m in it too. Do you have a space in your house that you have made yours? 5 kids! Please share some of your organisation hacks with me! I’m sure you have more than a few!! And it isn’t ever all done!!

      1. Well my bedroom is my space really as it also doubles as my office with my desk, computer and a potted plant that I’m barely managing to keep alive, lol. Ah, best organisational tips I can offer are, 1. Don’t have too much stuff, minimal is best for keeping your house looking tidy and if you have a lot of stuff now, declutter whenever you can. Don’t buy something unless you really need it or you have a lot of storage space that keeps things out of the way. 2. Have a big age gap between your first 3 and your last two, so the older ones can babysit and help with chores. Give everyone one or two daily tasks so that everyone’s day flows smoother and the important things get done by the end of the day. 3. Make sure everyone knows the rule ‘Don’t put it down, put it away’, so that the house gets tidied up as you go and your not stuck at the end of an exhausting day with an entire house to clean up!

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