Fear of failing and how to overcome it


How do you overcome the fear of failing? For instance, I build up hundreds of obstacles in my head – no one is reading my blog, what’s the point, I’m no good at it, no one sees it, I’m wasting time, I’ll never get anywhere with it. I read articles that tell me you can’t get anywhere with a blog. The fear of failing is crippling to my self esteem. I’m sure that at some point you felt it too. Many people give up at this point, abandoning their dreams and the things that could have been. It takes courage to battle your own demons, but the rewards can be great.

Perseverance is key to overcoming fear of failure

Deep down I know that perseverance is what it takes to get anywhere. We all have these thoughts, but the depth of the doubts really gets to me. They tug on my soul, I start to believe it and back away. In addition, I have perfectionist tendencies and this doesn’t help either. As an artist or creator, does it matter if we do what we love to take a risk without knowing where it will lead?

The world’s greatest explorers, architects, artists and authors must have taken a risk somewhere. Perhaps they were told it couldn’t be done, you won’t make anything from it or it is a waste of time. Civilisation would have been worse off without these inventors, artists, creators and innovators. Follow your dream and inspire others, happiness is the ultimate goal. Hopefully other exciting things will follow.

Starting something new is daunting, confusing but also exciting. Above all, I love writing. I just need to keep going, step by step and just hope that someone out there is reading.

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Have you felt this fear of failing and what did you do to overcome it? How do you measure your success?

Fear of failing
Turn your fear of failing into following your dreams

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