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Marie Kondo believes that we should only have possessions in our home that spark joy for us. I have found this to be the most interesting part of implementing the KonMari method. Read about KonMari here! No no For instance, I had held on to scratchy jumpers, tops that I never wore, shoes that hurt when I wore them, cosmetics that remained unused, and it had never occurred to me that these items didn’t bring me joy. Consequently, by discarding these items that I didn’t want or need, I now have possessions that spark joy for me everyday. Most importantly, I can see them and access them easily.

The feeling of opening your wardrobe and seeing all of your tops that you love to wear, brings joy and order to my life. Same thing goes for the laundry cupboard, all of my washing essentials stored together making domestic life easier.

How can you tell if an item sparks joy?

Firstly, I hold the item in my hands and I feel the energy passing through me. Most importantly, I will know deep down in my gut if it sparks joy – I feel a growing warmth. If it doesn’t spark joy, I feel nothing or a negative feeling.

Secondly, sparking joy can be simply feeling grateful for the purpose it serves me. For example, my soft blanket to keep me warm and my umbrella to keep me dry. Thirdly, sparking joy can be inexplicable – it just makes you happy. For instance, this could be an old t-shirt that you have had for years but when you put it on you feel its softness and you feel joyful. On the other hand you could have an expensive designer handbag that doesn’t spark joy, it is a costly mistake that you need to let go. We learn from these mistakes, honing our ability to choose purchases that spark joy for us in the future.

Marie explains that determining if something sparks joy improves as you can experience moving through the tidying process. This is why sentimental items are left until last.

Is there a downside to sparking joy?

The one downside is that I discarded so many t-shirts that didn’t spark joy, I will have to buy some more!! However, I am a lot more careful when buying things now, to make sure it sparks joy. As a result, this saves me money and stress of living in a cluttered home. Interestingly, I have not missed one item that I discarded. Similarly, I cann;’t even recall some of these items! There have been countless bags of clothing that have gone and many other possessions. Thank your unwanted items for their service and send them on their way.

How can I spark joy in my home?

I recently set up a reading nook that sparks joy for me everytime I use it! I love the feel of the velvet fabric, the colour and the gold trimmings. Before I had started my KonMari journey, I certainly wouldn’t have thought about choosing a chair like this. It would’ve been comfy but it wouldn’t have given me a zing everytime I looked at it! I now have a designated space to read – something I love doing!!! It is inviting and truly sparks joy.

I am sure that you have pieces of furniture that you could rearrange to repurpose and spark joy. Alternatively, if you have been holding on to something that you really don’t like, it is time to let it go. Marie Kondo recommends to imagine the life that you would like to lead. Discarding and assessing your belongings reshapes the direction of not only the way you live but your goals for the future. Excessive clutter and disorder brings our pysche down, we do not feel our best and cannot be our best selves.

To sum up, I highly recommend that you start organising your home with the KonMari method today. I promise you, it will be well worth it. Having items that spark joy fill your world with expressions of your uniqueness, surrounding you with serenity and fulfillment.

Spark Joy – Marie Kondo. An excellent book for organising your home.

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