How can I get my kids reading?


Reading was my first love 💗

Growing up, everywhere I went I carried a book with me. I loved reading, immersing myself in enchanted forests and babysitting clubs. Roald Dahl was one of my all time favourites. I was lucky that my father believed in the importance of kids reading. He would take my brother and I every week to Dymock’s book shop , where we would browse the aisles and choose a book to buy. Even to this day I find a sense of tranquility in book shops and libraries. I have followed in my dad’s footsteps and take my kids to buy books (from Dymock’s!) frequently. While they aren’t dedicated bookworms like me, they do like to read. It does take some prompting from me though!

What are the benefits of your kids reading?

Reading exposes children to a greater vocabulary, seeing words more frequently aids with spelling and expands their imagination.

Tips to get kids reading

kids reading

Find a street library or visit the library

Do you have a street library nearby? We have three street libraries near us. We go past whilst walking our dog and it is wonderful to know we are sharing our books with our local community. I highly recommend using and contributing to local street libraries! It’s fantastic for book worms like me, as purchasing books becomes expensive! Alternatively, use your local or school library. Make it a regular highlight of the week followed up by a babycino!

Monitor screen time

Not fun mum’s turn now 😂 turn off the wifi and hide the devices!!!! Amazingly, faced with zero distraction even the grumpiest tween make find their novel and read without complaint!!! Leave the devices at home when you head for holidays and fill your suit case with books! Are you having trouble managing screen time at home? Check out my tips here.

Build it into your routine – work out what best works out for your family. For some it might be reading in the afternoon before tiredness sets in, for others snuggling at bedtime may be even better. Take turns reading a page each and get into the storyline with your kids. If during the week isn’t the best time, make up for it on the Friday night and weekends when you have the time and energy to make it fun.

Try audiobooks to get kids reading

Audiobooks can be great to encourage independent reading. For instance, you can find these at school and local libraries or download them. Kids can follow along in their book.

Read with and without the kids

Become a bookworm yourself!! Kids might wonder what they are missing out on and join you on the sofa to read. If all else fails try to make reading fun, spend time to find a series of books they will be interested in. Alternatively, non-fiction could pique your kids interest?

Watch the play or movie to bring the book to life

If you can, watching a play or film about a novel that they have read will expand their imagination and horizons. We watched the Treehouse series (written by Andy Griffiths and illustrated by Andy Denton) and it was hilarious to see the storyline come to life.

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