Crocodile adventure down under


There are a lot of animals down under that can kill you! None more terrifying than the crocodile! We visited Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures, which is 40 kilometres north of Cairns or 25 kilometres south of Port Douglas. We came up close and personal to many crocodiles, it was equally terrifying and amazing!! It certainly was … Continue reading Crocodile adventure down under

How to be a happy mum


Happy mum equals happy kids, but how can we be that happy mum? We want to give the best part of ourselves to our kids. However, when you are knee deep in laundry, dirty dishes and a never ending list of chores, it can get you down. The trick is not letting yourself get down … Continue reading How to be a happy mum

Look after yourself mum


Follow my blog with Bloglovin Why do mum’s put themselves last? Sometimes it is necessary, but other times it isn’t. We fuss over our kids after school activities, play dates, homework, screen time, diet, friendships, dental hygiene, grades, social skills, sun & water safety, fitness... and the list goes on...the problem is that the list … Continue reading Look after yourself mum

You are Insta worthy # no filter needed


With the advent of social media and vastly improved technology, we have reaped many benefits. Consequently, we have access to unlimited amounts of information at our fingertips. For instance, we get an insight into people's lives - from Insta worthy celebrations, home decorating, fabulous outfits, holiday pics, and toned bodies. We see it all! Unfortunately, … Continue reading You are Insta worthy # no filter needed

How can I get organised at home?

Featured Get organised with Marie Kondo I had always wanted to know how I could get organised at home. I’d always struggled to find things at home and there would always be miscellaneous clutter to put away. My son and I stayed up late one night in the summer holidays watching Netflix. We came across … Continue reading How can I get organised at home?

Uluru – please don’t climb


💞 Please share, if you care 💞 I wasn't prepared for the wave of emotions that would hit me when I visited Uluru. Firstly, Uluru is simply stunning, the geology of the rock tells stories and the caves display amazing drawings and rock carvings. Secondly, I could feel the importance of the sacred sites to … Continue reading Uluru – please don’t climb

Managing screen time with your kids

Featuredscreen time kids

Are you concerned about your child and their screen time? Like me, I'm sure that you answered a resounding YES! With huge advancements in technology, this is now one of the biggest issues parents face today. Technology entered my home stealthily, school encouraged their use for educational purposes. It has become harder and harder to … Continue reading Managing screen time with your kids

How can I get my kids reading?


Reading was my first love 💗 Growing up, everywhere I went I carried a book with me. I loved reading, immersing myself in enchanted forests and babysitting clubs. Roald Dahl was one of my all time favourites. I was lucky that my father believed in the importance of kids reading. He would take my brother … Continue reading How can I get my kids reading?

Best Christmas toys for 4 year old boys

I love Christmas, but knowing what presents to buy can sometimes drive me crazy! Lucky for you, I have put in all of the hard work to help you buy an amazing gift for that special 4 year old boy in your life! I find it easier to shop online for toys or click and … Continue reading Best Christmas toys for 4 year old boys

Fear of failing and how to overcome it

How do you overcome the fear of failing? For instance, I build up hundreds of obstacles in my head - no one is reading my blog, what’s the point, I’m no good at it, no one sees it, I’m wasting time, I’ll never get anywhere with it. I read articles that tell me you can’t … Continue reading Fear of failing and how to overcome it